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Having a steel door installed in your Ashford, Middlesex home offers an attractive, classic opening onto a patio, garden, or backyard. They are a hugely popular and wonderful feature in any style of home. The reasons this type of door has such staying power are to do with versatility, elegance, and practicality. You can have either internal steel doors or external steel doors installed to ensure your Ashford, Middlesex home is secured and protected. Steel doors go beyond simple white doors and now come in a huge range of styles, colours, and materials.

At Homeworks Windows & Doors, our Ashford, Middlesex team have specifically designed our steels doors to be ultra slim, thermally efficient, and secure with thermally broken frames and classic hardware options.
Our Ashford, Middlesex steel doors are the perfect choice to replicate the style and timeless appearance of old steel French doors from a bygone era.

Beautiful Steel Doors in Ashford, Middlesex

Our Ashford, Middlesex steel doors and windows are a great way to secure your home while also opening up your rooms to the outdoors. Light will flow into your Ashford, Middlesex TW15 home through the large glass panels and they can be pinned/hooked open on good weather days to link your indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Professional exterior steel finish
  • Grade ‘A’ thermal rating
  • A fraction of the cost of steel
  • Approved steel replacement doors for listed buildings by many local authorities
  • Ultra slim framework
  • High security multi point locking systems
  • Traditional Art Deco handles available

Types of Security Metal Doors in Ashford, Middlesex TW15

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Ashford, Middlesex Heritage Style French Doors

Inspired by the aesthetics of traditional steel French doors, our Ashford, Middlesex aluminium replacement heritage-style French doors feature signature slim sightlines and attractive contours making them the ideal choice for heritage building conversation areas where building regulations demand a like-for-like replacement.

Our Heritage Metal Replacement French doors provide similar sightlines to old steel doors, right down to the thin glazing bars and panel designs and they offer a perfect solution for Ashford, Middlesex heritage properties and building renovation projects where there is a need for a modern aluminium replacement for old steel.

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Metal Style French Doors Ashford, Middlesex

Whether you are looking to replace your existing patio doors or planning a modern extension, our metal style French doors will add an authentic look and Art Deco style to your Ashford, Middlesex property. Designed as a slim-line and thermally efficient replacement for metal doors, our metal style French doors will maintain the character of your Ashford, Middlesex property and are perfect for listed buildings, heritage, and conservation areas.

Using the latest thermal break technology and high-security multi-point locking systems, our aluminium metal style French doors are the perfect ultra-modern replacement for old steel doors and because of their high specifications, they exceed the requirements for new build, replacement, and refurbishment projects. Our bespoke metal style French doors will meet your Ashford, Middlesex architectural designs and exceed your expectations.

Steel Style French Doors Installers Ashford, Middlesex

Our range of aluminium steel style French doors provide a stylish and modern finish to your Ashford, Middlesex home. They look stunning in Victorian, modernist or Scandinavian style houses as well as any barn conversion or industrial building.

All our heritage steel style French doors in Ashford, Middlesex have multi-point locking systems and a strong aluminium frame. The glass panels are double glazed, which along with the thermally broken frames helps give them their Grade ‘A’ thermal rating. Some of the benefits of our aluminium steel style French doors include:

  • Strength: Aluminium is durable and resistant to corrosion, as well as stable at different temperatures so it doesn’t expand or contract.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike steel or timber doors, aluminium doors don’t need painting, are weather-resistant and can last over 40 years.
  • Slim Frames: wide spacing of the steel-look grid design with ultra slim frames allows light to flood in.
  • Value: Aluminium doors are considerably cheaper to produce than steel doors.
  • Thermal Efficiency: our aluminium frames have thermal breaks to prevent heat being conducted and support double or triple glazing.
  • Choice: whilst black and grey are the most popular choices, our aluminium steel style French doors are available in almost any RAL colour you choose.
  • Security: our heritage style French doors are supplied with BS certified multi-point locking systems.

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